Immigration in Italy: what you need to know


A dedicated team of Mercer (People Tax & Labor) provides support and advice to its Clients (multi-national companies) on various immigration matters. Our focus is to offer immigration solutions that enable the companies to bring global talents and their families to work and live in Italy.


We support our clients throughout the entire immigration procedure, starting from the assessment of the case to determine the best applicable immigration procedure to the preparation of the requested documents and submission of the application. In addition, when the application has been approved and the work authorization (Nulla Osta) issued, we support the client and employee with the obtainment of the Visa and with the finalization off all the local fulfilments until the employee is able to officially work in Italy. We represent our clients before all the Italian Authorities involved in the immigration process.


Here below an overview of the most common Italian immigration procedures for which we provide support to our clients:


EU Blue Card

An Italian company can apply for the EU Blue Card work permit for an employee in possession of at least a Bachelor’s Degree (issued after at least three years of attendance) that has to cover in Italy a job title considered highly qualified by the Italian legislation.  The Italian employment contract has to meet specific requirements regarding the duration of the contract and the provided remuneration.


Intra-Company Transfer

This procedure allows multinational companies to transfer their employees to work for their subsidiary, branch or representative office in Italy. The procedure is dedicated to executive and specialist workers but can also be applied in case of training.


Service Agreement Assignment

This procedure provides the possibility to apply for a work permit for foreign employees who are temporarily assigned to Italy to perform services/activities under a contract settled between a foreign company/employer and the Italian company for which the services have to be performed.


The immigration procedures indicated above grants the possibility for the employee’s family members to entry and stay in Italy. Mercer also takes care of the family members' applicable immigration procedure to grant the right to family unity for foreign nationals.


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Immigration procedures may be complex and stressful. Relying on a consultant can speed up the process, simplify the procedures, and enable employees to take the most out of their experience in a new country. Giovanni Guidone, Senior manager, Mercer Italy
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Global Immigration Solutions


When moving an employee in a foreign country it is essential to analyse the applicable immigration process.


Most of the countries have implemented strict rules regarding the possibility to receive foreign citizens from abroad. Most of the countries provide the possibility for foreign citizens to entry their territory and start working only in case they can be considered high qualified employees and their salary meets the foreign national market test.


The immigration procedure and the related timing may vary depending on the type of process the foreign company would like to implement (e.g., local hiring, intra-company transfer, post-sales activity etc.).


The immigration procedures are different depending on the country of destination, however, usually the process involves the obtainment of a prior authorization from the local immigration authority which is followed by the issuance of the employment Visa by the Consulate/Embassy of the country in which the work activity has to be performed.


The estimated timing to obtain an employment Visa and be able to start performing working activities abroad is usually 2-3 months. Hence, it is very important that the sending company proceeds immediately with an assessment on the applicable immigration procedure before to start an assignment or a local hiring process. 

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