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Central Banks: Doing whatever it takes! But what's the cost?

September 2022

The fear of recession is dominating everyone's mind-set at the moment. The global economy has been slowing and is likely to continue to do so on the back of high commodity prices, rising interest rates and tightening financial conditions more or less everywhere with China being the notable exception.

Central Banks are thought to have underestimated inflation expectations and are increasing rates quite aggressively. Where they are facing an economic cycle that differs from the past, will they get it right and what’s the cost if they don’t?

Regenerate and restore – Adopting a circular economy approach

August 2022

In this episode Vanessa Hodge, Mercer UK’s Sustainability Integration Lead is joined by Ashleigh Morris, CEO and co-founder of Coreo and Jillian Reid, Partner in Mercer’s global Sustainable Investment Team to discuss their recent Investor Group on Climate Change (IGCC) discussion paper for investors on the circular economy. Also joining the conversation is Jamie Butterworth, who is a Partner at Circularity Capital, a specialist private equity firm providing access to investment opportunities created by the circular economy.

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