Navigating the Future of Work

Mercer innovates to improve people’s lives. We create powerful real-world solutions to advance the health, wealth, and careers of people worldwide.

Future of Work in Silicon Valley

Mercer drives innovation in two key ways: We develop new solutions to meet our clients’ toughest health, retirement, and workforce challenges. And we connect people and businesses to the most innovative offerings in the marketplace.

The Evolving Role of the Employer

Pat Milligan, Senior Partner

The role of the employer is changing. When employers act as facilitators and educators, they have the most impact: By giving employees access to the best vendors and technologies, and empowering them with great solutions that meet their needs, both businesses and employees win.

Mercer’s Innovation Hub Drives Change

Jo-Anne Bloch, Partner

At Mercer’s Innovation Hub, we develop new and better ways for people to make the most of their health, wealth, and careers in a rapidly changing world. By focusing on the trends that are shaping the future, we’re transforming the way our clients think about and manage their biggest challenges — by delivering tomorrow’s solutions, today.

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