Technological, political, social and economic developments are pulling at the fabric of what it means to be global and what it means to govern, to lead, and to succeed. We have an opportunity to help drive a new shared narrative for our future — a less-divided one that will improve the state of our world.

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It has been exciting week.  Below please find our day-to-day insights from the streets of Davos - view an Asset TV interview with our Chief Marketing Officer, Jeanniey Mullen about critical conversations from Davos.


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Thursday, 25 January, 2018

Pat Milligan, Global Leader of When Women Thrive, Discusses Workforce for the Future


Watch Marsh’s President of Global Risk and Digital, John Drzik, discuss highlights and key takeaways for businesses from this year’s Global Risks Report.


Scott McDonald, CEO of Oliver Wyman Group, addresses the Workforce for the Future


Scott McDonald, CEO of Oliver Wyman Group, addresses the Workforce for the Future


Joan Lamm-Tennant, PhD, CEO and Founder of Blue Marble Micro Limited, shares the importance of rethinking our narrative


Jeanniey Mullen and Scott McDonald, CEO of Oliver Wyman Group, discuss how to prepare for changes in the workforce


Mercer CMO Jeanniey Mullen and Renée McGowan, Global Leader for Individual Wealth, share insights into #WEF18


Senator the Honourable Mathias Cormann, Minister for Finance of Australia, discusses how we plan and adapt to living longer


Renée McGowan, Mercer’s Global Leader for Individual Wealth, recaps our Healthy, Wealthy and Work-Wise breakfast


Tuesday, 23 January, 2018

World Economic Forum: The Future of Work and Women


Sheila Lirio Marcelo, Founder, Chairwoman and CEO of, on the role of men and the Future of Work


Author Joanne Lipman shares key themes at #WEF18


Peter Beshar, Executive Vice President and General Counsel Marsh & McLennan Companies, on Cyber Security


Learn more about Mercer at Davos

Mercer CMO Jeanniey Mullen and Peter Beshar, Executive Vice President and General Counsel, Marsh & McLennan Companies discuss the Future of Work


How can we create meaning in a fractured world?



The World Economic Forum Meeting in Davos, Switzerland is taking place, where Mercer will join leading academics, government representatives and leaders from the most innovative global companies to contribute to the central theme: ““Creating a Shaped

Why are we opportunistic about the trajectory for woman?



We are at a rare inflection point for women in society, as we find ourselves thrust into a broad and potentially game-changing conversation about how women are faring in the workplace and beyond.

What is Healthy, Wealthy and Work-wise?



Renée McGowan, Global Leader, Individual Wealth talks about Healthy, Wealthy and Wise-Wise.

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2017 headlines prove that people talk the talk, but are not walking the walk. Data, facts and talk are not moving the needle – in fact the economic gender gap has widened to 217 years. Leaders and organizations must ask themselves, "Are we making progress or noise?"

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Join us to explore what leaders believe will be the biggest advancements impacting how people live, work and save – including structural and technological changes needed to address the financial security gap of at risk segments. 

Mercer at #WEF18

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