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MAP | Mercer Assessment of Potential

MAP is a psychometric tool that helps organizations measure people’s potential. Having high potential means possessing a set of traits, abilities and skills that will enable the person to perform in higher and more complex roles. MAP assesses the stable part of potential: personality traits and cognitive ability, and therefore is the basis for an accurate and complete assessment of potential in any organization.

Why is MAP different?

MAP is based on Mercer’s Evidence-Based Framework of Potential Assessment, an answer to organisations’ struggle to accurately assess their employees’ potential. It is the result  of a critical review of the combining findings of over 2.500 studies with data on more than 500.000 people.

Mercer’s framework leaves organisations with the opportunity to increase their confidence in people decisions, reducing the incidence of failure and driving organisational success.

What does MAP assess?

  • PERSONALITY: patterns of thoughts, emotions, and behaviors, which are stable and generally consistent over different situations and in time, and which differ between individuals
  • DERAILERS: behavioral tendencies which negatively influence performance
  • MOTIVATIONAL DRIVERS: intrinsic enthusiasm and drive for specific activities
  • COGNITIVE ABILITY: Effective cognitive functioning across, quantitative and logical reasoning.

What’s Unique about Mercer MAP?

MAP takes its root into Mercer's Evidence-Based Framework of Potential Assessment

The indicators of potential are divided into two dimensions:
STABLE POTENTIAL: Attributes that are tied to genes and early childhood experiences, which are more difficult to change in adults.
MALLEABLE POTENTIAL: Skills that can be more easily developed and improved with training and practice.

For a full picture of potential, the specific context and time should be taken into account:
CONTEXTUAL FACTORS: Other factors that need to be assessed to accurately predict performance in a specific organisational context.

MAP at a glance

Personality and Derailers: 15’
Motivational Drivers: 15’
Reasoning (Logical, Verbal & Numerical): 20' each

LANGUAGES: English, Italian, Spanish (more languages coming soon)

Mercer MAP is part of our suite of Talent Assessment offerings. 


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